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Hearing Loss Affects Quality of Life

Having hearing loss is a unique experience, and everyone deals with it differently. Read stories online to understand hearing. Or better yet, schedule an appointment with us.

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Degree of Hearing Loss

4 Classifications of Degree of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss cases vary depending on the degree of severity.…

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Symptoms of hearing loss differ from person to person and situation…

What is Hearing Loss

Hearing problems can occur in all parts of the ear. Conductive hearing loss involving the outer or middle ear can sometimes be treated with...

How Hearing Works

Many people with the ability to hear take their ears for granted. We don't think about how they work, or what we'll do when they stop working.

Types of Hearing Problems

Because hearing involves so many specific parts, there are many things that can go wrong. Different parts of the hearing chain can...

Causes of Hearing Loss

Many cases of hearing loss occur at birth, or within the first few years of life. These are typically genetic or caused by...

Impact of Hearing Loss

The reduction or loss of one of your senses has a pronounced effect on your ability to participate in life, and the lives of those you care about.

Understanding The Different Types of Hearing Loss

Think you or your loved one may be experiencing problems with…

Different Kinds of Audiology Tests That You Can Take

A number of cases of hearing impairment can be managed with the…

Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids: Is It Worth It?

People who have long been wearers of hearing aids know that buying…

Introducing Signia Nx

There are tons of different hearing aid brands out there—each…

Styletto: Hearing in Style

Hearing aids nowadays are not just devices that help in our daily…

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