Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids: Is It Worth It?

People who have long been wearers of hearing aids know that buying and replacing batteries are necessary chores of owning a device. But almost every gadget around us today is operated by rechargeable batteries, so why should your precious hearing aids be any different? Thankfully, technology paved the way for this to happen. Today, rechargeable batteries are changing the way wearers use hearing aids for an easier, more convenient, and better hearing.

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Introducing Signia Nx

There are tons of different hearing aid brands out there—each one persistently finding new ways to make the lives of people with hearing loss easier. This is exactly what Signia is doing. While they already offer a wide array of products to choose from, they don’t seem to stop there. Yet another new product in the market is Signia Nx, and we’re going to know more about it in this article.

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Styletto: Hearing in Style

Hearing aids nowadays are not just devices that help in our daily lives. Because of continually advancing technology that man develops, they have become much more than that. Signia Nx allows for the marriage of technology and style so that we are able to embrace life with stylish high-tech.

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Receiver-in-the-Canal Hearing Aids – Features, Benefits and Limitations

There are many different styles of hearing aids. It can be Behind-the-Ear, Completely-in-the-Canal, or Invisible-in-the-Canal. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One style of hearing aids is the Receiver-in-the-Canal or just simply RIC. Continue reading to learn more about RIC and why this style is worth considering.

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Thank You Scientist!

Dr. Suzanne McCorry is an audiologist with Signia. She helps hearing care professionals better serve their patients as part of the Customer Care team. And, as she writes in this week’s blog post, she’s also the mother of a musician – Cody McCorry of the popular band, Thank You Scientist.

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Siemens Audiology business is now Sivantos

Erlangen, Germany – January 16, 2015

Change of control effective January 15th, 2015. New owners of Sivantos are comprised of anchor investor EQT with Strüngmann family and Siemens as co-investors. New group name is Sivantos. Sivantos Group is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG, and will continue to develop, market and sell hearing aids under the brand Siemens.

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