Siemens / Signia Hearing Aids: The Most Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

The Siemens brand has been a household name in the hearing healthcare industry for more than a century now. When the brand was bought by Sivantos Group, one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids in the world, the company rebranded it into Signia to further move with innovative hearing solutions. Now, when the topic of hearing aids comes up, Siemens / Signia is almost always the first thing that pops up from the minds of consumers and thought leaders alike. Read more

How We Hear

To understand hearing loss, it helps to understand how we hear. Your ear is an amazing organ that, very simply put, turns sound waves in the air into information in your brain — and sometimes emotions in your heart.

It can perceive sounds from barely audible to very loud, differentiate their loudness and distance, and pinpoint the direction of a sound source to an amazing degree of accuracy. The short movie on the following page will clearly demonstrate how your ear performs the wonderful task of hearing.

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