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Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid

What is a behind-the-ear hearing aid?

Behind-the-ear (BTE) is the most common and traditional type of hearing aids. All of the parts including the microphone, receiver, and other chips are contained in the hearing aid body which is placed over the top of the patient’s ear and rests behind the ear.

Why choose BTE hearing aid over other varieties?

BTE has a wide capacity when it comes to features, performance, and power processing levels. It can accommodate people of all ages with different hearing needs from mild to profound hearing loss. It can be fitted with an earmold for a more secured wear and more powerful amplification; while open fittings can also be done for more discreet and comfortable wear with lesser occlusion effect. BTE is versatile, easy to clean, and convenient to use due to its bigger size. BTE is also available in different performance levels, from basic to more advanced, so it is usually the first choice for those who are looking for more affordable hearing aid.

Who needs BTE hearing aid?

BTE is available for any degree of hearing loss. In most cases, BTE is ideal for patients with severe to profound hearing loss because of its powerful amplification range. BTE hearing aid is also advisable for children users. Patients with dexterity problems can also benefit from the accessible buttons and bigger size of a BTE.

How much is a BTE hearing aid?

We have a wide range of BTE hearing aids that can suit your budget and needs. Visit any of our branches for a free consultation. You can also contact us for a more detailed price quotation at our Main Office landline number: (632) 523-0098 or email us at

Where to fit for and buy a BTE hearing aid?

Come and visit us to try our variety of Behind-the-ear hearing aids that are appropriate for your hearing needs. We offer free evaluation and consultation. In addition, patients can avail a take-home trial for up to 1 week with money-back guarantee! Our hearing aids come with one to two-year repair warranty and a lifetime service warranty for hearing aid adjustments, check-up, and cleaning. We have 19 locations nationwide with top-notch audiologists and audiometrists that can efficiently accommodate your hearing needs. Feel free to inquire and contact us for the nearest branch in your location.

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