Am I Losing My Hearing?

Do you often ask people to repeat themselves?

Do you hear muffled sounds?

Do you turn up the volume on your device?

Do you hear a ringing noise in your ear?

Do you speak too loudly?

If you experienced any of these, you might have hearing loss.
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Having a loved one who is hard of hearing can be a challenge. Help them improve their quality of life by reconnecting them to sound

At Active Hearing Center, we understand the difficulties people with hearing loss face. We provide support from diagnosis to aftercare counseling.

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Hearing loss affects all ages–even children. Check how early intervention can have a positive effect on your child’s development. Meet Samantha Riley Tan, an Active Hearing patient. Learn about her journey.


Built on 140 years of Siemens experience, Signia brings the latest technological and audiological developments to a constantly growing and increasingly demanding market.

Recently launched globally in 2016, it has already advanced to one of the top 3 hearing aid brands worldwide. Today, Active Hearing Center is a trusted Philippine brand with 24 accessible retail outlets and affiliated hospitals and clinics.

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The Right Diagnosis


We offer the latest & widest selection of hearing aids technology with expert solutions and use the latest computerized diagnostic testing for an objective assessment before offering you a tailored prescription.

Aside from the right diagnosis, we believe that good hearing aids if professionally fitted, can significantly improve a customer’s quality of life.

Hearing Tests

Different tests to determine the degree and type of hearing loss. Active Hearing Center offers free hearing tests.

Hearing Aid Fitting/Trial

We offer procedures wherein hearing impaired clients get the chance to experience the benefits of wearing a hearing aid.


We also offer objective tests such as Auditory Brainstrem Response, Auditory Steady State Response tests and Newborn Hearing Screening for pediatric patients.

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