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Get our latest hearing aids today.
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Hearing Aid Follow-up

Excellent Aftercare
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Need Checkup?

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Follow-up Services

Puretone Audiometry (PTA)

A test to determine the degree and type of hearing loss.

Aided Test

A test used to check proper fitting of hearing aids and determine the benefits from the hearing aids.

Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA)

Used for children 2-6 years old to determine the degree of hearing loss.

Tympanometry / Impedance Audiometry

A test used to check the status of the eardrum and middle ear or how well they are functioning.

Our Process

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Before doing any testing, we’ll do a consultation with employees to see if they’re already experiencing any trouble with their hearing.


We conduct a series of objective tests to assess the state of an employee’s hearing.
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After testing, we walk the employee through their results and talk about any steps we need to do moving forward.

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