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Corporate Hearing Services in The Philippines

Caring for Your Employees’ Hearing

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Prior to any auditory assessments, a consultation is conducted with employees to evaluate their current hearing condition. This initial step is crucial in the process of employee ear screening services as it helps identify any existing hearing concerns, setting the foundation for tailored testing and recommendations.


A series of objective tests are conducted to assess the hearing state of employees. This crucial phase in the hearing screening process ensures a proper evaluation of each individual’s auditory health. These assessments are essential for identifying any hearing impairments and guiding subsequent care.
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Following the testing phase, an assessment is provided, where employees receive a comprehensive explanation of their hearing test results. This step of the ear screening services for companies is critical for understanding individual hearing conditions and discussing potential steps for managing hearing health moving forward.

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Meet Your Hearing Screening Specialists

A team of dedicated hearing specialists is at the forefront of providing ear screening services for businesses in the Philippines. Each specialist brings a unique blend of expertise, experience, and commitment to auditory health, ensuring comprehensive care for every client. Moreover, their collaborative efforts ensure that every aspect of the hearing care process, from initial consultation to final assessment, is handled with attention to detail to support thorough auditory health management. This approach ensures that businesses receive effective and efficient hearing screening services to safeguard their workforce’s auditory health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Screening Services for Businesses in the Philippines

Investing in hearing screening services for employees is pivotal for any company prioritizing health and safety in the workplace. Regular hearing assessments help in the early detection and management of potential hearing issues, which can be crucial in preventing long-term auditory damage. Moreover, ensuring auditory health is not only a matter of individual well-being but also contributes to overall workplace productivity and efficiency. By identifying and addressing hearing problems, companies can reduce the risk of accidents and misunderstandings caused by impaired hearing. Additionally, such proactive health measures demonstrate a company’s commitment to its employees’ well-being, fostering a positive work environment and potentially enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

Interested companies can schedule employee hearing screenings at 85230098. Additionally, walk-in appointments are also welcomed.

The cost for company hearing screening services can vary based on the hearing healthcare center and the specific type of tests required. 

For specific details on the insurance partners and coverage options, it’s recommended to contact the hearing aid center in the Philippines directly. Do note, however, that currently, the hearing aid cost is not covered by health insurance policies when obtained from Active Hearing Center.

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