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Sometimes we are unaware of what ails us until we get tested. The same is true for our hearing. We feel we are hearing just fine without knowing our hearing is degrading.

To prevent hearing loss and to know the status of our hearing is to get it checked by hearing professionals. If you’re looking for a non-contact, online solution though, we have one below.

All you need to do to get started with our online hearing test is to fill in your details below.

Online Hearing Test

Understanding your hearing health is crucial to being able to move around the world safely, confidently, and independently. Yet sometimes we might not realize our hearing is degrading until it’s too dire to ignore. 

An effective way to gauge your hearing health is through a professional assessment such as a hearing test. However, Active Hearing Center understands that there are many who do not have the time or resources to travel to a hearing center or medical clinic simply for a hearing test. 

That’s why we offer online hearing tests for a convenient, non-contact option to help you assess and take control of your hearing health immediately!

Why Take An Online Hearing Test

An online hearing test is a quick and easy way to assess your hearing health from the comfort of your home. It’s ideal for those who:

  • Suspect they might have minor hearing issues but aren’t ready for a full clinical evaluation.
  • Need a preliminary hearing health check before visiting a specialist.
  • Prefer a non-invasive, hassle-free, and private initial assessment due to personal reasons, medical conditions, or other reasons.

What's Included in Our Online Hearing Test

Active Hearing Center’s online hearing tests are comprehensive, including:

  • Register your interest in the form above and be notified of the environmental requirements for the online hearing test to be done. 
  • Thereafter, the audio tests will be done online using a variety of tones to assess different aspects of your hearing.
  • Immediate results and recommendations based on your test responses.

Our Hearing Screening Specialists

Our team of specialists are behind the provision and administration of our online hearing tests. Thanks to their wealth of experience and professional certifications in auditory health, you can be assured that your online hearing test is conducted with the utmost precision and care. From the initial consultation to final assessment, our team spares no detail in assessing your hearing health and providing actionable recommendations tailored to your condition.

How Our Online Hearing Test Works

Before taking the online hearing test, ensure you are in a quiet environment and use good-quality headphones. This will help to ensure the accuracy of the results. The test typically takes around 10 minutes to complete. There is no cost for the initial assessment, and results are available immediately upon completion.

Step 1: Setup and Environment Preparation

Ensure you’re in a quiet space with minimal distractions.
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Step 2: Audio Test

You will be presented with a series of tones and speech samples to assess different aspects of your hearing.

Step 3: Results and Recommendations

Receive immediate feedback and suggested next steps based on your test outcomes.
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What to Do With the Online Hearing Test Result

Upon receiving your online hearing test results, you may be able to:

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Hearing Tests

An online hearing test is a digital assessment tool to evaluate your hearing abilities through a series of audio tests, questionnaires, and other assessment methods. It is an alternative to in-person ABR hearing tests, and has unique benefits including a non-contact approach that can make the testing process easier or more convenient for certain individuals.

An online hearing test is a convenient, first-step approach to understanding your hearing health, especially if you have concerns about potential hearing loss. If you find it difficult to attend in-person hearing tests due to mobility limitations or other factors, Active Hearing Center’s online alternative can bridge the gap and bring you one step closer to understanding your auditory health.

While not a replacement for a professional in-person evaluation, online hearing tests provide a reliable preliminary assessment of your hearing.

Active Hearing Center’s online hearing test typically takes about 10 minutes to complete.

You’ll need a quiet environment, a stable internet connection, and good-quality headphones for your online hearing tests to obtain the most accurate results.

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