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Get our latest hearing aids today.
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We are so excited to announce that a more advanced and powerful hearing aid is coming to hearing loss patients in the Philippines!

Signia has been known to offer hearing aids that satisfies the needs of patients with hearing impairment, but the hunger and the need to offer the best hearing experience didn’t stop there.

Signia this time wants you to have a pair of hearing aids that offer the same crystal-clear level of hearing no matter where you are so you always hear what matters to you!

These game-changing hearing aids come equipped with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors to enable hearing loss sufferers to stay fully involved in life.

Exiciting Signia hearing aids features

Here are some of the new and exciting features:

Motion Sensor

There are instances when you want your hearing device to adapt to your activities and avoid uncomfortable hearing experience.

With integrated motion sensors in place, these hearing aids now detect when you are moving for a more accurate analysis of your changing needs.

Acoustic Sensor

Sometimes you want to hear more from your hearing aids like what a healthy hearing could provide.

With redesigned acoustic sensors in place, your hearing aids now measure more aspects of sound than ever before. This advancement easily surpasses existing sound classification methods.

Dynamic Soundscape Processing

With feedback from acoustic-motion sensors, sound clarity and speech quality are improved allowing you to hear natural sound and speech in every situation, no matter what activity you are in.

Own Voice Processing

You want to hear your own voice in its purest version. That is no longer a problem with these new hearing aids.

With the utilization of real-time own voice recognition on top of acoustic-motion sensors feedback, you get a natural impression of your own voice.

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