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Hearing Aids: 7 Important Facts You Should Know

Hearing is much more important than you might think, allowing us to not only understand and communicate but also face life with confidence and success.

Today, hearing aids are an indispensable everyday companion for millions of people in conversations in big and small circles, at work, in the family and in their free time. The versatile hearing assistants are individually adapted by a hearing care professional and ensure the best possible hearing and understanding. In addition, they sustainably promote personal well-being, mental balance and mental fitness. Because only those who hear well can make the most of life.

Here are seven important facts about hearing aids and why we should appreciate and look after our incredibly valuable sense of hearing:

1. People who hear well can communicate better:

Communication means speaking, listening and understanding. In infants, functioning hearing is a prerequisite for language acquisition, and later in life it is responsible for us being able to hear, understand and interpret all meanings and nuances in human communication in a differentiated way.

2. Whoever hears well, has a positive attitude towards life:

Satisfaction and optimism are closely related to how individuals find their way around their personal environment. Good hearing plays a crucial role, because it provides confidence in dealing with other people and prevents misunderstandings.

3. People who hear well are less stressed:

An intact sense of hearing facilitates everyday conversational situations, which are often hampered by background noise and noisy environments. Anyone who does not understand a lot, or misunderstands, frequently has to ask questions, becomes insecure, and ends up in stressful situations that permanently damage their well-being and health. On the other hand, hearing aids help to effectively overcome the problems of hearing and understanding.

4. Whoever hears well, can appear confident:

Recognition and acceptance are closely related to our personal appearance and its effect on people. Functioning hearing provides the necessary security for orientation and successful participation in conversations and thus strengthens self-confidence.

5. People who hear well are more successful:

Our work and private lives today are shaped by communication more than ever. An intact sense of hearing is therefore an absolute must for career development. Private and family relationships also thrive on flawless hearing and listening as well as clear comprehension and understanding.

6. Whoever hears well always has the right orientation:

Because our eyes only reveal what is currently in view, a huge part of human orientation ability is provided by spatial hearing. In difficult visibility or in the dark, the ears even take over our entire orientation.

7. People who hear well are capable:

The ears are active around the clock and monitor many important areas of life without having to be consciously controlled. When hearing deteriorates, a person can no longer detect dangers, orient themselves or understand speech in noise automatically. Focusing on conversation partners or specific sound sources demands attention and energy. The wearing of hearing aids supports continued full hearing performance.

Signia and the wider hearing industry is therefore committed to systematic hearing prevention. This includes targeted education about the importance of hearing and the dangers of hearing loss. Hearing care professionals offer professional services ranging from free listening tests in the context of health precaution to the personalized fitting and adjustment of hearing aids.

If you think you might be hard of hearing, you can take our quick and easy online test for a first indication. And you can use our convenient online store locator to find a hearing care professional near you.

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