How many facts about our amazing ears do you know? Can’t think of any? Here’s a list of 20 interesting hearing facts to get you started.

Fact 1: Our ear distinguishes 400,000 different sounds

From a small puff of wind to the roar of a jet engine – our ear is able to hear everything! #FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 2: Unborn babies start to hear in the 16th week of pregnancy

Unborn babies factHave you ever wondered why babies recognize the voice of their mother after birth? Our hearing development begins in the 16th week of pregnancy so we are able to perceive surrounding sounds long before we are even born.#FactFriday #funFact

Fact 3: Our ear works 24/7

ear works 24/7The ear won’t shut down. Even though we are sleeping, our ears are listening to background sounds to warn us of any dangers. You should give your ears a well-earned break from time to time. #FunFact #FactFriday

Fact 4: Our ear is able to hear from 20 to 20,000 hertz

ear hear from 20 to 20,000 hertzBut that is nothing compared to animals. Dolphins or bats are able to hear sounds up to a frequency of 200,000 hertz. 20 hertz is the equivalent of hearing someone whisper or enjoying the sounds of a quiet garden. #FunFact #FactFriday

Fact 5: One in four teenagers suffers irreparable hearing loss

irreparable hearing lossMany teenagers experience hearing problems. You can learn more about signs and reasons of deafness on Signia Hearing’s blog:

Fact 6: 600 millions humans worldwide have hearing loss

600 million have hearing lossAre you one of them? Check if you might have hearing loss by using our free hearing test ( – a useful preliminary step before consulting a hearing care professional. #FunFact #FactFriday

Fact 7: A hearing aid improves your physical and psychological condition

hearing aid benefitsStudies show, a hearing aid leads to joie de vivre (a delight in being alive; keen, carefree enjoyment of living) and a positive attitude. Change your life now! #FunFact #FactFriday

Fact 8: Johnny Strange can lift 15kg with his earlobes

Johnny Strange factJohnny Strange is living up to his last name. The Englishman lifted 14.9kg (32 lb 13.5 oz) off the floor using piercings in his earlobes. No wonder he has been dubbed “The man with the ears of steel”. #FunFact #FactFriday

Fact 9: 90 % of us can’t get a catchy tune out of our heads at least once a week

catchy tuneLady Gaga is the queen of catchy songs! Her songs are fast and unusual – the best way to create a catchy song. Research found that 90% of us hear a catchy tune in our head at least once a week! #FunFact #FactFriday

Fact 10: A catchy tune stays on your mind for 27 minutes

catchy tune in mindDo not worry if you can’t seem to get a song out of your head. A catchy tune sticks around for 27 minutes.#FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 11: Twice as many men as women suffer from hearing loss

More men suffer from hearing lossYour husband might be telling the truth when he says he didn’t hear you. Studies show men are affected by hearing loss more than women. #FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 12: Your right ear listens better

Your right ear listens betterThe right ear has a direct connection to the left hemisphere of the brain and so it processes information and requirements better. If you want to ask somebody a favor or you seek somebody’s advice you should speak in their right ear. #FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 13: Women and men listen differently

women and men listen differentlyWomen interpret facial expression and gestures to complement how they hear. In contrast to men whom ignore details that seem irrelevant to them. #FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 14: Cats have 32 muscles in each ear

cats have 32 muscles in each earDid you know? All cats can move their ears independently of each other to hone in on several noises simultaneously. Our furry friends are somewhat superior to us humans in the hearing department – we make do with six muscles in each ear. #FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 15: Can you see a lightbulb at a distance of 1,000 km?

See lightbulb from 1,000 kmListen up! Our ears are able to listen to extremely quiet tones. If our eyes were as sharp as our ears, we would be able to see a lightbulb 1,000 km away. #FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 16: The risk of having dementia is doubled for humans with hearing loss

hearing loss can lead to dementiaDid you know that? But with the right medical treatment this can be reduced significantly. Hearing aids do a lot more than just tune up the sound. #FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 17: The brain shrinks faster with hearing loss

brain shrinks faster with hearing lossDon’t worry, this is normal! Our brain shrinks as we get older, but did you know that this process is accelerated if you are suffering from hearing loss? Hearing aids can stop this acceleration. #FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 18: Our ears hear 360-degrees

ears hear 360-degreesOur ears are designed to pick up sound waves from our surroundings. With two ears, you are able to hear sounds clearly from both directions. Thanks to Signia’s binaural technology, 360-degree-hearing is also possible with hearing aids! #FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 19: Depression due to hearing loss?

Depression due to hearing lossStudies show that there is a huge correlation between our hearing health and our mental health.

A person who suffers from depression should check whether this might be caused by or made worse by an underlying hearing loss. A hearing test prior to prescribing antidepressants could help patients avoid unnecessary medication. #FactFriday #FunFacts

Fact 20: Hearing aids can improve your physical balance

Hearing aids improve physical balanceThe sense of balance is in our ears! Elderly people wearing hearing aids can enjoy better balance with their hearing aids. The results of a study showed that participants were able to keep their balance for longer when their hearing aids were turned on. #FactFriday #FunFacts