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How To Adjust To Your Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids can make a difference when you have difficulty in hearing. But it takes time to get accustomed to wearing one. Suppose you’re thinking about testing one or using a hearing aid for the first time. Here are a few suggestions that can make the adjustment easier.

Understand the Basics

The professional equipped with a hearing aid will guide you on how to use it, including how to take it out, put it in, clean it, and change its batteries. Your hearing health specialist should also have advised you how long you can use it to acclimate. Do your best to observe these instructions. If you’re having issues, contact your audiologist for help. 

Be Assertive About Conversations

The world around you will sound different with your hearing aids. So, you may require help to converse or talk to others. You don’t need to act like everything is normal. Clarify to the person you’re talking with that you’re acclimating to your new device, and request them to be patient as you get used to it. It’s beneficial to have the other person face you and communicate clearly. It would help if you tried to have discussions without much background noise.

Understand What’s Expected and What’s Not

Some things that may tempt you to want to take your hearing aid off or stop using it are predicted, especially during the first days and weeks as you adapt to it. You might see that: 

  • Your hearing aid feels uneasy. You may desire a different way than the way it sits in your ear. The audiologist may advise you to only wear the hearing aid for some parts of the day as you get accustomed to it. (It shouldn’t be uncomfortable or painful, though. If it is, tell your healthcare professional right away.) 
  • Your voice might sound too loud- this is referred to as the occlusion effect. Many individuals with hearing aids get accustomed to it over time. But if it’s troubling you, talk to your audiologist. They can make modifications to make it less annoying.
  • You hear more background noise. Your device can pick up noises you don’t want to hear and the things you need to hear. While this is normal, you should contact your audiologist if the sound irritates your ears.
  • You hear a whistling sound or feedback. This happens when a hearing aid doesn’t fit precisely or because your ear is blocked with ear wax or fluid. If you detect feedback, talk to your audiologist ASAP.
  • There’s a buzzing noise when you are on your cell phone. Some digital cell phones can interrupt with radio frequency, which causes a buzzing from your device. It’s less common as hearing aid and phone technologies improve. The best way to evade this problem is to grab your cell phone when you’re fitted for a device. That way, you can ensure the two refrain from interrupting each other.

Give It Some Time

After you begin using your hearing aid, it can be weird and even annoying to be able to listen to sounds you couldn’t before. Some noises may seem quite loud, or their patterns may sound foreign. This might feel uneasy initially, but do your best not to get disheartened or discontinue using your hearing aid. It may take several months, but with tolerance and time, you’ll adapt and get used to your hearing aid.

Schedule a Follow-Up Visit

Your first session to learn how to use your hearing aid should be distinguishable from your last. You’ll like to see your audiologist for a follow-up visit to consult on how you’re adjusting. Ask our hearing health practitioners if you need to know when to come in again. 

Your audiologist may suggest aural rehabilitation sessions or classes. They cover a spectrum of hearing issues, including how to adapt to hearing loss, how best to operate your hearing aids and other helpful devices, and how to express better with people who don’t have hearing loss.

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