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Get our latest hearing aids today.
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Pure Charge&Go IX in the Philippines

Active Hearing Center is dedicated to supporting auditory experiences across the Philippines. With a diverse array of hearing aids available online for enquiry, more specifically, the renowned Signia brand, caters to varied hearing needs, ensuring accessibility and quality for all.

The Available Range of Hearing Aids

Choosing the right hearing aid is crucial for supporting your auditory experience. At Active Hearing Center, the hearing aids available online are meticulously designed to provide a seamless and satisfying hearing solution.

Sophisticated Technology

The selection of hearing aids featured is equipped with contemporary technology, ensuring clarity and natural sound. Designed to adapt to various sound environments, they enhance listening comfort and provide an improved auditory experience. Features like effective noise reduction, enhanced sound transmission, directional microphone, and Bluetooth capabilities contribute to their high-quality performance.

Personalized Options

Every individual has a unique ear anatomy, and it’s essential that hearing aids cater to this diversity. These hearing aids include tailor-made options designed for a comfortable fit. This customization ensures they sit in the ear, offering a high level of discretion and comfort. Additionally, some models are equipped with highly adaptable, disposable soft-silicone click sleeves. These innovative sleeves click onto the hearing aids, providing a comfortable and secure fit in the ear that was previously only achievable with custom-made housings. 

Comprehensive Hearing Tests

Conducted by specialists using various diagnostic tools, these evaluations assess the type and degree of hearing loss. This careful analysis is crucial for recommending hearing aids that effectively address specific hearing challenges.

Reliable After-Sales Support

Post-purchase, customers receive ongoing support, including hearing aid follow-ups, hearing aid fitting and trials, and even free adjustments. This enduring commitment to customer care ensures that your hearing needs are met with utmost satisfaction and convenience.

The journey to obtaining the ideal hearing aid involves a comprehensive and supportive process, ensuring every individual receives a solution that meets their specific hearing needs.

Step 1: Professional Assessment

The first step is a detailed assessment conducted by a qualified hearing care specialist (HCS). This evaluation is crucial in understanding the nature and extent of hearing loss.

Step 2: Informed Consultation

Following the assessment, the HCS will discuss the results and diagnosis with the individual. This consultation is vital in making informed decisions about the next steps.

Step 3: Exploring Solutions

Based on the assessment and consultation, a range of suitable hearing aid options will be presented. This step involves exploring the different features and benefits to find the right match.

Step 4: Ongoing Follow-Up

The process doesn’t end with the selection of a hearing aid. Regular follow-ups and adjustments are conducted at the at our centers to ensure the hearing aid continues to meet the user’s needs effectively.

What Customers Have to Say

Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids for Sale in the Philippines

Hearing aids in the Philippines are accessible through specialized centers like Active Hearing Center. Offering a range of options, these centers provide professional guidance and services such as audiometry tests and online hearing tests to ensure you find the right hearing aid. 

Whether you need hearing aids depends on the extent of your hearing loss. Consulting with a hearing care specialist can provide insight into your specific needs and determine if hearing aids are beneficial for improving your hearing and overall quality of life.

The hearing aids price varies, influenced by factors like brand, features, and model. It’s advisable to consult with a hearing care professional to understand the options within your budget and their associated costs.

Active Hearing Center provides an extensive range of Signia hearing aids, each designed to cater to different hearing needs and preferences, including various styles and technological features. 

For the latest promotions on hearing aids, please visit the website or contact us directly. 

All programmable hearing aids come with a warranty—basic models have a one-year warranty and premium models have a two-year warranty. This warranty covers repairs due to internal defects and damages. However, damages caused by the user’s negligence are not included. 

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