Premium Quality Hearing Aids

Untreated hearing loss greatly affects communication and is associated with other psychological, social and physical health consequences. Hearing aids are created to help manage hearing impairment – helping improve social activities, communication skills, job performance and professional and interpersonal relationships.

Not all hearing aids are created equal though. Here at Active Hearing Center, we make sure that we only offer hearing aids of best quality so to ensure effective management of hearing loss.

Browser our list of high quality hearing aids below.

Signia CROS Pure Charge&Go X

Hear what matters to you even with single-sided hearing loss. Signia’s new CROS hearing solutions allow you to experience normal hearing despite having untreatable hearing loss in one ear.

Signia Pure Charge&Go AX available at Active Hearing Center

Immerse yourself in outstanding speech clarity with Be Brilliant™ packed with Signia Pure Charge&Go AX! Change the way you hear the world. Learn more...

Signia CROS AX

Signia's newest CROS hearing aids allows those with untreatable hearing loss in one ear to benefit from the revolutionary Signia Augmented Xperience Technology. Learn more...

Signia Intuis 3 CIC ITC ITE

Enjoy special magical moments with your loved ones with ease with Signia's Intuis 3 CIC/ITC/ITE custom hearing aids packed with proven technology and outstanding comfort.

Signia Silk Nx Hearing Aids

Get the smallest and most natural sounding ready-to-wear custom hearing aids! Signia’s Silk™ Nx hearing aids give you the confidence of knowing that no one even notices you’re wearing them.

Signia Prompt SP/P BTE Hearing Aids

Prompt behind-the-ear models sit comfortably behind the ear and are made so you can enjoy every moment with complete confidence and be a part of it. It's for the important things in life!

Signia Styletto X Hearing Aids

Experience a new era of wearability! Styletto X combines award-winning design and rechargeability with crystal clear sound so you can always hear what matters to you.

Signia Insio ITC Nx

Most natural hearing experience! With Signia’s Insio™ hearing aids, you can understand your conversation partner even in difficult hearing environments while it offers you perfectly balanced sound.

Signia Pure 312 X

Hear all the sounds that make hearing anjoyable just as nature intended. Be an active part of every converstion around you. Be brilliant with Signia Pure 312 X.

Signia Prompt CIC/ITC/ITE

Get an absolutely discreet pair of custom hearing aids. Prompt in-the-ear models are worn directly and discreetly in the ear to help you in the most diverse hearing situations without them noticing.

AHC Signia Intuis 3 SP

Understand conversation and easily focus on what's important. Intuis 3 BTEs can be your conversation partner, even in challenging environments where there is a lot of background noise.

signia insio charge&go ax

Get a pair of hearing aids that come with contactless charging for effortless energy! Insio Charge&Go AX are the first custom hearing aids with lithium-ion contactless charging.

Signia Charge&Go SP X available at Active Hearing Center

Combining Super Power with super features, Signia Motion Charge&Go SP X is a complete package for anyone with severe to profound hearing loss. Learn more...