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What is Signia battery?

A Signia battery is a battery that is used to power up a hearing aid, regardless of brand.

Why choose Signia batteries?

A Signia battery lasts longer than other brands. This was proven through a study conducted by Sivantos when they tried to prove whether or not Signia-branded batteries last longer. The study proved that Signia batteries last few hours longer than the other brands.

What are the Signia batter sizes?

Like the other brands, Signia also offer batteries in 4 sizes namely size 10, 312, 13 and 675.

How much is a Signia battery?

A Signia hearing aid battery cost Php 50.00 per piece.

Why buy from Active Hearing Center?

At Active Hearing Center, we value our customers. We always find a way to make things as simple as a hearing aid battery more affordable by giving out discounts for our clients. Today, Active Hearing Center is one of the centers with the most affordable hearing aid batteries.

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