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Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids: Is It Worth It?

People who have long been wearers of hearing aids know that buying and replacing batteries are necessary chores of owning a device. But almost every gadget around us today is operated by rechargeable batteries, so why should your precious hearing aids be any different? Thankfully, technology paved the way for this to happen. Today, rechargeable batteries are changing the way wearers use hearing aids for an easier, more convenient, and better hearing.

Rechargeable hearing aids benefits

What are the advantages of using rechargeable hearing aids?

1. It’s cost-efficient.

A rechargeable hearing aid is your next best investment! You won’t need to buy disposable batteries over and over again every single time it runs out. While this kind of hearing device is relatively more costly over the others in the market, using such can actually save you tons of money from regularly purchasing battery replacements for a long period of time.

2. It’s eco-friendly.

Following the point above, frequent disposal of batteries doesn’t do any good for nature. The chemicals used in these can actually take a toll on the environment. When it comes to choosing hearing aids, the rechargeable kind is your greener choice.

3. It gives you assurance.

The problem with non-rechargeable batteries is that you can’t exactly know when they’ll run out. It can happen at any time of the day—during an important meeting, while watching a movie, or while having a dinner date with your friends. The benefit of using rechargeable batteries is that you’ll never have to worry about this problem again. All you have to do is plug the device overnight and it will last you for the entire next day.

4. It’s hassle-free.

While most devices today were thoughtfully made to enable battery replacement easier, hearing aids are such tiny gadgets which can still make the job difficult for people with poor vision and dexterity. Having a rechargeable device is an advantage especially if you’re not frequently around other people who can assist you or if you want to live an independent everyday life.

5. It lasts longer.

The rechargeable type generally lasts longer as compared to non-rechargeable ones. Moreover, disposal ones can drain prematurely if not stored and sealed properly. On the other hand, rechargeable batteries have a longer shelf life.

6. It doesn’t require spare batteries.

You won’t have to constantly remind yourself to buy new sets of batteries or bring around some in your bag. Leaving your hearing aid charged overnight allows you to use your device uninterruptedly throughout the next day.

The verdict: rechargeable hearing aids are made for further convenience and better hearing experience of wearers. So, if you want to be able to use your device stably, we highly recommend getting one for yourself.

Hope this post helps you come up with a decision! For expert guidance in choosing the right hearing aid, feel free to approach any of our hearing health professionals at any of Active Hearing Center branches.

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