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Get our latest hearing aids today. Hear Now Pay Later!

Get our latest hearing aids today.
Hear Now Pay Later!

Services Featured

Pre-Employment Hearing Screening

We offer the full hearing screening for pre-employment requirements. This ensures employees meet a hearing level within workplace safety.

school hearing

School Hearing Screening

Hearing loss can interfere with a student’s academic performance. This test provides information on the clarity of hearing of students

Industrial Care

We partner with different companies/schools to have their employees/students tested.

hearing aid followup

Hearing Aid Follow-up

To check and see if the hearing aid is working and if there are adjustments needed.

Pediatric Services

Hearing loss affects even children. Check how early intervention can have a positive effect on your child’s development.


Hearing Aid Fitting / Trial

We offer procedures wherein hearing impaired clients get the chance to experience the benefits of wearing a hearing aid.


Hearing Tests

Different tests to determine the degree and type of hearing loss. Active Hearing Center offers free hearing tests.

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