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Siemens / Signia Hearing Aids: The Most Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

The Siemens brand has been a household name in the hearing healthcare industry for more than a century now. When the brand was bought by Sivantos Group, one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids in the world, the company rebranded it into Signia to further move with innovative hearing solutions. Now, when the topic of hearing aids comes up, Siemens / Signia is almost always the first thing that pops up from the minds of consumers and thought leaders alike.

Why Signia Hearing Aids?

1. Exceptional Speech Quality

With Signia’s advanced noise reduction technology and powerful speech quality, you are able to hear conversations clearly in all situations. This paves the way for easier and more pleasant experience during conversations, even when around noisy environments like restaurants.

2. Own Voice Processing

Indeed, the advent of hearing aids allowed people who suffer from hearing loss get back their ability to hear clearly. However, this capability used to be rather unnatural—not until Signia designed hearing aids that give users the most natural hearing experience. The Signia Nx’ OVP™ (Own Voice Processing) feature provides natural sounding of your own voice, coupled with optimal hearing of all other sounds such as speech and background noise for the most harmonious, natural hearing experience.

3. Remote Control Apps

Signia’s (myControl App and touchControl App) give you the full control of your hearing aids at your fingertips! The apps offer remote control features so you can adjust and customise the settings of your device depending on your needs and preferences. Both apps are available to download for all iOS and Android users.

4. Ease of Use

Users of Signia hearing aids benefit from the products’ ease of use. Apart from the availability of convenient accessories and the fact that it’s easy to operate, Signia also has a support tool called myHearing app to assist you through a relaxed journey towards effortless hearing. Access user guides, special listening exercises, and connect to a hearing care professional wherever you are. myHearing app is available to download for all iOS and Android users.

5. Superior Connectivity

Signia hearing aids can be connected to your gadgets for added functionality and utmost hearing convenience. Specific models let you answer calls directly through your smartphones, listen to your favorite music through your gadgets, binge-watch movies and series from your television. All of these you can do with crystal clear sounds as you connect your hearing aid device to your gadgets conveniently.

6. Sleek Design

A common concern from people who are skeptical of wearing hearing aids is its tendency to look unstylish, especially to the younger ones. Signia solves this dilemma by designing elegant and stylish hearing devices that will suit the aesthetics of every user.

7. Reliable Battery

Signia hearing aid batteries are reliable, safe, and of extreme quality. It also lasts long and are very powerful. A Signia battery comes in different sizes that will fit every type of hearing aids. Signia also offers rechargeable hearing aids so that wearers no longer need to worry in changing disposable batteries. If you’re worried about losing your hearing aid’s power in the middle of the day, there’s Signia eCharger and inductive charger with contactless charging system for specific hearing aid models to solve your concerns. For the ultimate convenience, these reliable, eco-friendly rechargeable batteries are your hearing aid’s best friend.

Gone were the days when hearing aids used to be so bulky and had minimal functionality. Indeed, Signia hearing aids deserve to be the household name of the hearing healthcare industry, for it was able to revolutionize the way we treat hearing loss and gave more people the ability to gain back their hearing in the most natural experience there could ever be.

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