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10 Clear Signs That You Need to Get Hearing Aids

People use prescription glasses to cater to blurriness of their vision and other optical problems such as astigmatism. The use of glasses helps their eyes in functioning properly again. This is the same with our ears and hearing aids. When ears don’t function the way they are supposed to, the device comes in to help the wearer hear normally again without straining its ears.

Signs you need hearing aids

So what are the signs that you need to get one? Here’s a checklist!

1. You ask for people to repeat themselves

Because you can’t hear people properly, you need to constantly ask them to repeat what they’ve said a few times. You might also have to reposition yourself often to directly face the speaker or even put your ear closer to the source of sound. If you don’t ask them to repeat themselves, it may result to incorrect or inappropriate responses.

2. You find it hard to keep up with a conversation that involves more than 2 people

When in a conversation that involves more than two people, you find it difficult to distinguish who’s talking or where the sound is coming from. If you are seated around each other and one of your ear has hearing loss, it comes as challenge for you.

3. The sounds that you hear are muffled

Imagine having your ears stuffed and almost covered. If that’s the kind of sound that you are hearing, then you may need to get yourself some hearing aids.

4. You have difficulty hearing around noisy situations

Our sense of hearing is powerful enough to differentiate background noise from the primary source of sound. But for people who are experiencing hearing loss, this becomes difficult. In public places like malls, restaurants, or parties, you may be having a hard time hearing properly. This is because your ears can’t identify primary sounds from the background noises.

5. You have trouble hearing children and women

Children and women’s voices are more high-pitched than those of men. There are some cases of hearing loss wherein high-pitched sounds are hard to be detected and received by the ears.

6. You need to turn up the volume of your devices

Do you notice a difference in the level of volume of your television, radio, or headsets? This may be a sign of hearing loss. Because you can’t hear sounds at a normal level, your tendency is to increase it to match your need.

7. You are experiencing a ringing in your ears

When you start experiencing ringing in your ears, set up an appointment with your hearing specialist as soon as possible. Sounds that you may hear include ringing, buzzing, clicking, etc. It is actually not a condition, but a symptom of an underlying one. It is not usually serious but it can worsen with age. Luckily, it can be improved with the help of treatments.

8. You tend to read lips and watch people’s faces as they speak

Lipreading and using the facial expressions and emotions of the speaker may be your way of understanding the person talking to you. When you rely on this factors more than actual voices, it’s a tell-tale sign that you need to get yourself a hearing aid.

9. You have a history of hearing loss in your family

Hearing loss can also be genetic. This increases your possibility to develop hearing loss.

10. You have been exposed to an explosive noise or loud sounds

If you were near, let’s say, an explosion, or have been exposed to a construction site’s noise for an extended period of time, then your hearing may have been possibly been damaged. Hearing loss can be abrupt or continuous if the frequency is damaging.

When you ticked off all or most of the given signs above, schedule a trip to your ear doctor and prepare yourself for the possibility of being prescribed with hearing aids. These are useful instruments that can help you hear powerfully again. Don’t deprive yourself with the ability to live fully. Schedule your appointments by calling (632) 523 0098!

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