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Traveling with Hearing Aids

A trip overseas is a time for fun, celebrations, and encountering the unfamiliar. It’s a moment to uncover unseen places, visit old friends or try new foods. Most of all, an international holiday should be a time to relax.

However, a trip can create excitement and trepidation for people with hearing loss. Traveling with your hearing aids and hearing loss doesn’t have to be scary. Prepare for your trip in advance; you shouldn’t have any issues.

Before going on an International trip

Before leaving, check our travel tips to ensure you’re equipped for minor hiccups—such as your hearing aid batteries dying. You may want to call your hearing healthcare professional to ensure your devices are in great shape before traveling with your hearing aids. Don’t forget your cleaning kit!

Getting through security with hearing aids

Fortunately, you don’t have to take out your hearing aids before treading through security. If you use your hearing aid through security, you should notify security personnel. Depending on the hearing aid, they may require additional screening. Refrain from placing them on the conveyer belt or in the plastic bins. They may cause static electricity that can damage them.

Quick Traveling Tips:

  1. Plan in advance. Organizing all travel arrangements will help you avoid any possible issues later.
  2. Have them inspected before your trip. Before leaving on any trip, ensure your hearing aids are functioning correctly. If you bought them from us, you can have them checked by any of our hearing care centers in the Philippines .
  3. Ask for help when needed . Ask your companions and other experts for assistance when needed. After all, that’s why they’re there. You can also inquire with our office for assistance in case of a failed device while abroad. We are part of the same family and can help out abroad. Our hearing care professionals can also give you a list of centers you can visit just in case your hearing aids get a problem.
  4. Pack important things in a carry-on . Take any essential equipment with you. This includes packing extra batteries and carrying suitable cleaning supplies for your hearing aids. Remember to bring your charging unit for your rechargeable hearing aids.
  5. Make sure people can contact you. Ensure an open communication abroad. Request any travel updates to alert you via text. A handy wifi or mobile data is helpful in trips for any concerns.
  6. Use handy maps . Having a map handy will make it easier to find your way around or ask for directions, especially when you might have difficulty understanding the local language. Or make sure your phones have data so you are to browse the maps.
  7. Inform staff that you’re hearing Impaired . At the hotel, put the do not disturb sign on the door to avoid unwanted walk-ins. This is important so they can assist you with any concerns or call someone in an emergency.

What can we do

We always want what’s best for our clients. We want them to be brilliant all the time. So, we will be happy to assist you when you need us. Please let us know in advance if you are traveling and may need assistance. You can also send your messages through Messenger or via our contact page ; our staff will assist you when needed.

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