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What To Do If My Hearing Aid Feedback Often?

A hearing aid is a technological advancement to improve your hearing, hear sounds that matter most and enjoy life. Unfortunately, these technological advancements aren’t without their stigma – feedback.

Feedbacks are high-pitched squeal, loud buzz, hiss, or whistling sound in your ear emitted by your hearing aid. This often happens when an acoustic signal or a soundwave escapes the ear canal and beats the hearing aid microphone.

Quick hearing aid troubleshooting steps

If you often have this issue, here are some solutions to eliminate feedback:

  1. Try to reposition your hearing aid or earmould in your ear to fit better.
  2. See an Ear-nose-throat doctor as your ear may have an earwax buildup or possible ear infection.
  3. If there is continuous feedback, contact your hearing care professional to check your hearing aid.

When you hear some static or crackling sounds, check it with your audiologist. Sometimes, it could be a low battery problem, moisture builds up, or needs intensive cleaning.

What causes hearing aid feedback?

So, what do you think caused the feedback in your hearing aids? There are a few types of hearing aid feedback: mechanical, electronic, or acoustic.

  1. Mechanical feedback is caused by the vibrations made when the device speaker comes in contact with the casing. It may happen if the microphone is covered.
  2. Electronic feedback is rooted in the electrical circuits of your hearing device. You must check your hearing aid with the hearing care professional when this happens.
  3. Acoustic feedback happens when the microphone picks up the amplified sound from the hearing aid speaker. Such a predicament often happens when your device isn’t fitted correctly, or there is a good amount of earwax buildup in your ear canal.

Seek help from your trusted hearing care professionals

Visit Active Hearing Center if you’re still experiencing feedback after trying these tips. They can check the device to see what the problem is.

Make sure the device fits appropriately, and examine your ears to ensure they are clear of obstructions. In rare cases, you may need different devices or new earmolds since ear shapes can change with time, affecting how the hearing aids fit. Book an appointment at a branch nearest you.

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