Ask An Audiologist: What is a hearing aid? How does the hearing aid help with my hearing?

One of the main benefits of hearing aids is that your social interactions will improve. Long gone are the days of straining to hear your conversation partner especially in noisy situations, as modern hearing aids are smart devices which identifies and amplifies speech, making hearing loss easier to manage.

Due to a wish to help and change the lives of the hearing impaired, Amar graduated from Islamic International University (Malaysia) with a Bachelor of Audiology and started his career as an audiologist. Throughout his working experience, Amar has met people from different walks of lives with challenging hearing situations; and he helps them with the utmost passion believing that everyone deserves to hear better. Read more

Ask the Audiologist: Is there anything I can do to avoid losing my hearing?

Many people believe that hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process. While it’s true that some hearing loss is inevitable as we age, there are many things we can do to delay its onset and minimize its severity. Read more

Ask An Audiologist: Why do I have to visit a local hearing care professional to get a hearing aid?

Every hearing loss case is different and there may be more than meets the eye.

Alyssa pursued her degree in Malaysia and graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Audiology) in 2016. As an audiologist, she is passionate to promote hearing awareness to the public and to help more hearing-impaired people. Prior to working with Signia, Alyssa worked at a private clinic where she specialized in comprehensive audiological assessment, hearing aid fitting and audiological rehabilitation. Read more