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Styletto: Hearing in Style

Hearing aids nowadays are not just devices that help in our daily lives. Because of continually advancing technology that man develops, they have become much more than that. Signia Nx allows for the marriage of technology and style so that we are able to embrace life with stylish high-tech.

Introducing Styletto, the next big thing in the world of hearing aids. It will transform the very image that you know that is hearing aids. Both old and new customers are bound to love this new hearing aid offering. Continue reading onward to find out why.

Why choose Styletto for your next hearing aid upgrade?

1. Best sound quality

Hearing aids are used so that one can hear better. Whether it is in an open area with a large group, or just an intimate chat with a loved one, hearing aids can help you in any situation. The best thing about Styletto is that the sounds that you hear come off very naturally — including your own! Signia has developed the Own Voice Processing for this very purpose!

2. Hear who you need to hear

Hearing aids do not limit on what you can and can’t do. If a hearing aid dictates the place where you can hear better, then it destroys its very purpose. Hearing aids should help you hear anyone anywhere. Experience comfort with Styletto when you talk to a loved one even in busy environments like a restaurant or a park. With the help of Signia Nx chip’s superior wireless binaural processing, speech identification is better than ever.

3. Experience realistic sounds

Styletto allows you to experience true-to-life sounds. Say hello to acoustics, the sound of nature, and even the voices of your friends and family the way they should be heard. With incredible dynamic range, you are guaranteed excellent signal quality everywhere.

4. An overall better hearing experience

Tinnitus has been bothering many people for many years now. Styletto can offer relief to this nagging problem. With its tinnitus therapies and tinnitus notch therapy features, which generates additional sound in the form of a soft therapy signal that can be customized to specific needs, you are distracted away from tinnitus effectively which in turn helps you relax and enjoy life.

5. On-the-go charging

Styletto has thought of every lifestyle including those active ones. With the ultra-slim portable charging case that comes with it, you will be able to experience four whooping days of wireless hearing experience.

6. With many colors to choose from

Think of getting a hearing aid as getting a new phone. You are given three wonderful color choices of Dark Granite, Cosmic Blue, and Snow White.

Signia believes that hearing aids are more than just simply hearing aids. You could think of it as a way of life now. Be ahead in the hearing aid game with Styletto! For more information about Styletto, you may contact Active Hearing at (632) 523 0098.

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