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The Queen is Wearing a Signia Hearing Aid!

Her Majesty, the 93-year-old monarch, was spotted in public wearing a hearing aid. This is the first time Queen Elizabeth has been spotted wearing a hearing device.

More of the story here.

What’s a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is an electronic device used to amplify sounds to a degree and in a manner that will enable a person with hearing impairment to use his remaining hearing in an effective manner. It picks up sound using a microphone which is then fed into the amplifier. The sound signal is then sent to the ear canal through a receiver.\

Why one uses hearing aid?

Hearing aid allows an individual with aidable hearing loss from one or both ears to hear sounds more clearly. Read: Classifications of Degree of Hearing Loss

What hearing aid The Queen is wearing?

The Queen appears to be wearing a instant fit non-custom Signia Silk hearing aid. There are different types of hearing aids. This one is a CIC hearing aid.

What is Signia?

Signia is a hearing aid brand with a proven track record of offering hearing loss patients with quality hearing aids.

Where to find Signia hearing aids?

In the Philippines, you can find Signia hearing aids from any of Active Hearing Center’s branches. Active Hearing was awarded the exclusive distributorship of Signia Hearing Aids nationwide in March 2006.

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